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The PRCC and the Puerto Rico Convention Center are very strict when it comes to security and the well being of its visitors. By law and insurance policies, we are required to check all the weapons or props that might enter the event. If you are thinking of coming with a prop, either store bought or homemade, these are the rules that we will abide to.

Every year the PRCC is a gathering place for Cosplayers and costume characters. We have developed a list of rules and regulations to attend this matter and to prevent any accidents during the event.

Prop Check

Due to the amount of people visiting every year with weapons and props, we implemented the Prop Check area and have established rules and regulations for the event. Every person in costume or cosplay will be subject to check their props or weapons at this area.

The Prop Check Process

All props or weapons brought to our event must be evaluated for safety. If one of the PRCC staff members identifies a prop or weapon that has to be checked because it may be harmful to visitors at the event in any way shape or form, the person must go with our staff member to the Prop Check booth at the entrance of the event. The Prop Check personnel will give the person a claim ticket for his weapon or prop. Getting to enter with the weapon/prop is discussed below.

As many of these items are custom made, the production is not responsible for any broken part of custom-made items. THE PRCC WILL NOT REIMBURSE ANY DAMAGED COSPLAY PROP. If you choose not to check it, you can leave it in your car or somewhere outside the convention center.

What kinds of props are NOT permitted?

We at the PRCC take very seriously the safety of our attendees. So if you are selling, buying or bring from your home any item that could cause damage, maim or any serious harm to other people, this section will instruct you on what is and isn't permitted in the PRCC.

The following is a list of some of the items FORBIDDEN at the event. We will not allow them to enter the event at ANY TIME. Please leave them at home, there is NO way that these will come inside the area:

  • Fire weapons - Real Guns, Functional Air Soft, BB Guns, Paintball Guns, Pellet Guns, Cap Guns etc.

  • Metal-bladed weapons - Daggers, Swords, Kunai, Axes, Knives, Blades, etc.

  • Projectile Weapons - Functional Slingshots, Crossbows, Water guns, Long bows, etc.

  • Explosives - Firecrackers etc.

  • Mace or Pepper Spray

  • Blunt Weapons - Nunchaku, Clubs, Bats, Brass knuckles etc.

  • Hard/Overweight Props- Items made of or covered with Metal, Fiberglass, Hard Wood, Glass and other dense or heavy materials that may cause harm

  • Oversized Props - Props over an average size of 5’ in length or measuring over 3 square feet (3’ x 3’)

  • Skates, Roller Skates, Skateboards, and/or any other similar item

Rules for Handmade Weapons or Props (Cosplay):

If your weapon/prop is deemed dangerous by the PRCC or the Puerto Rico Convention Center Security Staff, your ONLY choice is to relinquish the right to enter with the weapon/prop to the event. You can check them at the Prop Check Booth and get them back when you leave. You CAN get it back for the Cosplay Contest and Photo Ops at the Main Stage, and at that time the staff will be near you at all times for the safety of others. We will NOT be checking and giving the weapons more than one time at the event. We are also not responsible for any damage to your prop and will not reimburse you in any way for it. If you don't want it to get harmed, leave it in your car or somewhere else.

Prop weapons will be allowed at the event, but they must be checked upon entrance and are subject to check any time. To save yourself time we recommend you to work your props with light materials like:

  • Foam

  • Cardboard

  • Light wood

  • Light Plastic

All props must have smooth edges.

In the case of firearms props, we recommend that the weapon's barrel should be covered with a bright color cap. If it looks "fake", you will not have any problems entering the event with your prop!

If your prop is allowed to enter, it will be marked with a small tie. You will be able to enter and exit the show with this prop at any time once marked. This marker may not be removed at any time during the event. If you do not wish to have this marker placed on your prop, you must relinquish your prop at our Prop Check area or leave it outside.

Rules for Masked Costumes/Cosplay:

This is a strict rule of the Puerto Rico Convention Center: NO PERSON AT ANY TIME can wear a Mask inside and outside the Convention Center. If you are thinking of using a mask for your cosplay/costume, please use it inside the event only. You have to take it off each time you go outside the Exhibit Hall.

The production reserves the right to check any prop and/or weapon during the event for the purpose to protect other event attendees. The production reserves the right to change partially or completely these rules and regulations at any time without notice.

For more information about your props and weapons feel free to contact us.

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